Tuesday, December 28, 2010

cars, yes, cars.

These two photos are from the summer. The first was shot through the windshield of a car on a rainy day. I played around with the second image in photoshop. I tried to make it look like a car advertisement, but you can see Gili in the driver's seat, checking her email. If you can figure out the locations of these two images you might get a prize...or something.
Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

High Park

 I went for a stroll in High Park yesterday. I spent about a half hour shooting, before my fingers and toes started getting really cold. Last year I didn't go out to shoot much during winter, mostly because of the weather, but also because I had this conception that there is not much to shoot this time of year. Nature is in regress, so there are no vibrant, blooming flowers to speak of, no foliage, and I suppose that the monotony of the snow didn't inspire me much. So, this year I hope to overcome that feeling, and keep shooting throughout winter. This is not my new-year's resolution, so please don't hold me to that. Thank You.

For those who are wondering, I shot these images using manual focus, which allowed me to get this soft, dreamy feel. At least that is what I was aiming for.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mask Making

One of the activities I documented at the Tim Hortons' Foundation Camp was mask making, which both kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed. I made the top collage first, as an attempt to hint at the activity without actually showing what it is. I want to use the image of the girl in the top right corner as an ad for 'Movember', but looks like I missed this year's deadline.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Snow and Some Lunch

Here are a few more images from my weekend with the Samba Kidz at the Tim Hortons Foundation camp:
The animals at the farm didn't seem to mind the cold too much
   The grounds of the camp were covered with snow for only a few hours    
We had burgers and broccoli salad for lunch. Pretty...pretty...pretty good!