Monday, January 3, 2011

A pie in the face, anyone?

Gili's friend decided to check an item off her bucket list before 2010 was over. Naturally, Gili was up to the task, so on the last day of the year the pies were bought, the living room was emptied, and the pie-throwing commenced.
What does it feel like to be hit with a pie in the face? "Liberating!" 
Well, the dog was excited about licking pie off the floor, but the three-year-old may never forget the day her mom was transformed into an unrecognizable pie-face...

Next up on the bucket list: pulling the cloth off of an unassuming kitchen-table, thereby clearing its contents right onto the floor...


  1. 'Liberating' is a good adjective for it! I never thought of it before, but it fits! (I found this post via a Google search...pies in the face are an occasional ritual for my wife and I, although it's always me on the receiving end. Best wishes!)