Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blue Mountain

Last Saturday I went to Blue Mountain with my wife Gili and the Samba Kidz, where they performed three sets to advertise a rib festival that is to take place the following weekend. We got to go up the mountain in a Gondola for free, and I took this shot on the way down. This was my first time visiting Blue mountain in the Summer, and it was beautiful. It's too bad we didn't have more time to spend there, because there are some really nice hikes around the area, and other fun things to do.


  1. Hey Avital,
    This picture looks magical, the colors are so vivid. Did you touch it with the magic hand of photoshop or is this reality?

  2. I always run the images through photoshop, but in this case I also used a software that process HDR (High Dynamic Range)images of three different exposures. I's called Photomatix. It basically eliminates the the shadows and the highlights, and blends everything together. It is fun to play around with.