Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Z

Gili gave birth to a healthy and very cute baby boy at Sunnybrook Hospital at 3:05am on Friday, November 25th. The labour was an intense and amazing experience, and i'm happy I was able to be there with Gili throughout, espcially during some dificult moments. 

Gili went into active labour at around 5pm on Thursday, after we went for a walk at Cedarvale Park. The midwife came around eight in the evening, and by nine we headed to the hospital. The room had a jacuzzi, and Gili was in the water for at least two hours, during some of the strongest contractions. At around 1am the midwife broke the bag of water, and shortly after, Gili started pushing. The baby came out after about an hour and a half of intense pushing. Gili did an incredible job managing her pain without drugs through the whole process. Even having witnessed it, I cannot really fathom nor understand the kind of pain that women go through during labour, and I'm very proud of Gili for doing it! Nadia, our midwife, and Bella, Gili's mom, also gave her amazing support. Since both baby and mother were doing well, we headed home about three hours after the birth. 

I am very excited to be a dad, with all the challenges and rewards that my new role entails. I will share more of my experiences with baby in the coming weeks, months and years.

For now, here are a few images of 5 hour-old baby Z. Enjoy!


  1. Matok, matok, matok!
    Mazal tov!
    So cute!!!

  2. Avital and Gili! He's beautiful! Mazal tov! Aviv xoxo